Garden Blogger's Fling, Austin: B. Jane Garden

Let's continue with our ever-evolving tour of fantastic Austin-area gardens from this year's Garden Blogger's Fling. Next up is a visit to a garden designer's garden, B Jane Gardens. This urban retreat is not only a home to the designer and her family, it is her work studio and an oasis with year-round interest. Let's jump in and see what a designer's garden looks like.

In the gardener's words: 

"The garden is about year-round visual appeal, extensive privacy screening, a resort-like environment, and an architectural approach to planting and the use of stone and steel. Multiple rooms offer private and larger entertaining spaces, and the garden is low maintenance thanks to the use of native and adapted plants."

The front garden was once grass.

"I replaced the front lawn with steel edging, stone walkways, live oaks, Mexican wild olives, spineless prickly pear, agave, Gulf muhly grass, blue sotol, and silver ponyfoot , among other plants."

To my eyes, this combination of agave and silver ponyfoot is much more interesting than grass, requiring so much less energy and resources. A wise choice for water-wise Austin.

But being water-wise does not eliminate that element in the gardens. A beautiful, simple water feature adds a bit of background noise and a place for insects and birds to drink.

Details of a gravel mulch surrounding the base of a tree. 

Bright colors found throughout are first encountered near the front door.

As you come through the gate and enter into one of the garden rooms, a colorful but serene pool takes center stage.

Garden bloggers taking it all in.

I would describe the garden as contemporary, simple, elegant, colorful and quite welcoming. It feels like a resort, a place you would want to linger. The details and repeat colors and patterns tie it all together and give it a special ambiance.

Because the garden is not huge, these little details really count. I love this delineation between two ground covers.

In the dappled shade, grasses and succulents in a raised container fill the space beautifully.

My favorite photo from this garden, a Buddha with a star on his brow.

A small garden room in a corner of the garden shelters a fire pit with raised beds that double as a seating area. This idea is one to replicate, it's functional and elegant and could be done with a variety of materials.

More hard-scaping details. 

Pops of color, mostly turquoise and bright orange keep the vibe upbeat.

Succulents are of course well represented here.

A wonderful and functional barbecue with a clever solution for storing wood.

Details, sunshine, succulents.

A wider shot of the low retaining wall and Buddha.

Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks on Fire'

Colorful balls add a nice touch to the lovely pool.

Relaxing lounge chairs. Love that dappled light.

Finally, a few of my fellow Portland Bloggers represent! From left to right Heather of Just a Girl with a Hammer, Jennifer of The Rainy Day Garden and Loree of The Danger Garden. We all enjoyed our time in Austin and were grateful for the chance to spend a little more time together.

The B. Jane garden was a refreshing stop on a whirlwind day of five incredible gardens. It was colorful, had a cool, refreshing feeling, was comfortable and a great place for entertaining. Thank you B. Jane for opening your private, beautiful space to us all! It was a delight.

That's a wrap for this week at Chickadee Gardens. Thank you all for reading and commenting and for keeping the gardening conversation going. Happy gardening everyone!


  1. It is fun to see gardens thru other bloggers lens!

    1. Thank you Laurin! That's a big part of the fun of the Fling, isn't it? :)

  2. Great photos again! I loved the Buddha shots.

    1. Thank you Kris! That Buddha...what a guy!

  3. You got some fabulous detail shots, nice work.

    1. Thanks, Danger! I love the last shot of the three of you.

  4. Indeed a very stylish garden. Enjoyed your photos and comments.

    1. Thank you Hoover Boo! It was a fun garden, don't you think?

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM PDT

    That Austen look done this!

  6. well done and of course the great portrait of the PDX dudettes is excellent !


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