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Take Five: Groundcovers

Short plants that spread. That is how I think of groundcovers. They fill in the blanks, knit it all together, they soften edges and suppress weeds. With two acres to fill I have a special love for groundcovers. There is such variety that I indulge in, so much so I've been accused of being a groundcover gardener. I don't know that I agree with that entirely, but these solution plants play a vital role in this garden. While working at the nursery it was always a fun challenge to find a customer the perfect groundcover based on their list of requirements, i.e., sun, shade, slope, flat, wet, dry, tall, short, flowering, variegated, bees, no bees, scent, dark foliage, aromatic foliage, spread not too fast, spread really really fast, orange flowers, pink flowers, no flowers, soil erosion! Oh my, you get the drift. We could nearly always come up with something, testament to the huge variety available at the nursery (especially with a little creative thinking). I mean, wouldn't you

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