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Facilities Manager Snow Report

 Snow? Ice? I'm over both!  Hello! Facilities Manager here. It's time to share recent events at Chickadee Gardens. And the massive snowfall seems a great time to do so. I confess that I like snow or, hey, I thought I did. Of course, since we average only about 1 inch per year here in Saint Helens it is normally no big deal. Well, that said, we  lately see a pattern of mellow Decembers and mild Januarys and then snow-nastiness in February. Son of a beep! Our snow came in last Thursday and then added more on Friday and then again Saturday night. Tamara and I figure some 14 inches of snow collected on our property. Oh, boy! Looking from the house to the Blue Shed, you can see the depth of the snow on the porch roof. You can see where I shoveled off as much as I could reach.  And you can see how the snow held to the Rhamnus alaternus 'Variegata' there to the left.

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