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Flowers of May

 We are back with a plethora of flowers. Not a very inventive topic. However, in the last seven days we have had two open gardens and a wildflower road trip some 300 miles away in northeastern Oregon (stay tuned for next week's post). We're pooped! Beyond that it has been a sad, challenging, and tiring year considering world events. I have been exhausted and frustrated - even with the garden. So many plants are suffering at what I assume are the results of heat dome and a record cold, wet spring. Plants that have no business dying are doing just that, i.e., willows, for crikey sake. Really? Did you read that, willows? Record wet? And aphids on viburnums have me down (a new plague that we haven't had the joy of experiencing before) and so many plants are not only behind schedule but perhaps dead. OK, fine. There are plenty of other plants that are doing well, so how about we focus on those beauties at the end of what has been a hell of a wet, cool May. I think flowers might

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