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Let's Go! California Moments

 My mini-vacation finally happened. It was postponed, of course, a few times due to Covid but now fully vaccinated, I visited my (also fully vaccinated) dearest friend who lives in San Jose, California. I cannot believe how much I needed this break after being at home for a year and a half. So, back home and back to work, I'm exhausted but grateful. While there, the main horticulture attraction for me was the UCSC Botanic Gardens , which I will post about next time. It's the same gardens I visited on a winter trip  a couple of years ago. For now, I'm offering up a quick snapshot of a few plant-related moments I thought I'd share of a place I once called home, Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. First up is San Jose. Mary's mother lives across the street from the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden , but before we hit that we stopped at this local succulent seller. If you are ever at the Rose Garden in San Jose, do stop by one street over on Naglee Street. Oh boy, did he ever ha

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