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Goodbye Yellow Sedum

Are you humming an Elton John tune? Good, now you know what I've been singing the past few days, only replace the lyrics "brick road" with "sedum" as in our old friend, Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'. She's out! Are you shocked? The reality is, I never planted her and she has taken over much of the labyrinth garden. Did you catch that - I never planted her. She came in on a grass a friend gave me and I liked the brightness of the sedum, so left it. That was in 2016. Fast forward to today, she has created nearly impenetrable mats of burned-yellow looking foliage. She has become the unwanted signature of this part of the garden without my even realizing it. How did this happen?
I had a feeling every time I looked at this and many other messes just like it that I wanted it out, but I never consciously admitted it. That is until after the open garden when I became free to make whatever changes I want to the garden without threat of the end result looking te…

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