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Let's Go: Great Dixter Part II

 This place haunts my dreams. Really. Honest to goodness unconscious dreams. I wake feeling happy. I don't think that has happened before, i.e., dreaming of gardens I have visited. What alchemy is at work, I wonder? Besides the unconscious kind, I have waking dreams when working in my own garden where flashes of Great Dixter arrive unexpectedly. I think it must be the generosity of spirit it exudes. This place does its own thing without being stuffy. It is welcoming and it changes every day. Literally. How exciting is that? No wonder, then. It is a pleasure for me revisiting my many photographs and putting these posts together, ultimately dreaming of the chance to return someday.  Last week  we explored most of the garden areas at Great Dixter. This time, let us explore the nursery, a bit of the home's interior as well as the gardens on the north side of the home to conclude our visit to this historic, wonderful site.  Starting off with an image of the Solar Garden in early Oct

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