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Whites in the Garden

About once a week I grab my camera and explore the garden, documenting the changing nature of it all. While out this week I let my instincts do the walking and so shot what looks good and plants I may not have previously photographed. After going through the finished product, I noticed there are lot of whites and silvers in the garden right now - an abundant amount. So without even trying, the blog post almost wrote itself this week. Voila, that's this week's theme. I give you the white and silvers in the garden the third week of June.

I have tried Eryngium giganteum, a.k.a. 'Miss Willmott's Ghost' several times from potted plants and from seed and failed. Now I have seedlings all over that I never planted in this garden. Huh? Maybe she's visited me recently on the wind. At any rate, these "volunteers" are in a terrible spot, right in the middle of a gravel path, but I love them, so here they stay. Thank you, Miss W.

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