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Finding Land: Eight Years Later

 It has been a while. Eight years have come and gone since we viewed this property, put in an offer and then had the offer accepted. Every year for the first five or so years I wrote a post with images from our initial viewing in 2015 and the same photo every year thereafter. I have been remiss. I have skipped the last three years writing "Finding Land" posts. Well, let's fix that. It is time to check back in on what the garden looks like eight years in, warts and all. Many of these early photos were taken in the month of October, but this year it's September primarily as that's when I had time to put this post together. Off we go into a jumbo version of "Before and After" - garden style. An opening photo of the edge of the gravel garden and fire pit taken this week. Though I do not have a "before" photo of this, it felt settled and comfortable so I wanted to start out on a positive note.

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