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A Few Native Plants

A kind of cool thing just happened. I was sorting through photos from this week, looking for themes for the blog, and I realized without even focusing on native plants that so many are looking good right now. That is to say I wasn't searching for them when I took photos; they are just part of the garden and are fantastic. OK, it's a sign. It's time for an introduction (or re-introduction to many of you) of a few native plants in the gardens here at Chickadee Gardens. When I say native plant, I am talking about plants that are indigenous to Oregon and on a broader level, possibly the West Coast.
Penstemon cardwellii is one of my favorites. It is an evergreen subshrub that I have grown before in the old garden with much success, that is until it fails. It could be that they are short lived. In any event here it is in very well-drained soil with almost no supplemental water. This was actually a throw away from work a couple of years ago. 

This is the same Penstemon cardwellii

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