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The State of the Garden

I knew when we moved here this garden would be an all-consuming project. The first three years were non-stop project work. Now, our fourth year in, we are not working on projects as much as we are working on maintenance, and that is all-consuming until the plants knit together and smother the weed layer. And while the garden has come a long way, I'm nowhere near achieving the vision I have. This summer has frustrated me somewhat. I can almost imagine what the immature shrubs and trees will look like, but they're not there yet. Garden beds feel messy and disconnected. The typical frustration of a gardener who is a collector trying to reconcile the need for calm and harmony with the collector in me. I'm getting there. Feeling downtrodden this week, I went through the garden with camera in hand looking for vignettes that make me happy. Here is what I found.

Schisozylis coccinea 'Oregon Sunset' with an unknown crocosmia. I like hot pink and orange together for some rea…

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