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Sedum Sampler

Sedums! Everyone loves them, right? I sure do and I have a lot at Chickadee Gardens. At the old house I had an eco-roof covered in a few different species and it looked cool. Here, I use them as ground cover, fillers for pots and accents. I tend to let them do their own thing since I have the space to do so, as well as stick pieces in extremely random places as I walk past if I have an extra piece in my pocket. That happens more often than you'd think. Between cats running over them, moles wreaking havoc in the garden and clumsy gardeners, there is almost always a piece or four lying on the gravel and I never have the heart to throw them out. Thus, the masses all over the place. I thought it would be helpful if I took photos of the most common ones in my garden and do a bit of a sampler to show what does well for me. Here we go!
This is very typical at Chickadee Gardens - random sedums battling it out. In the end, I think they all actually survive. There are many that I have no r…

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