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My Favorite Flowers: A Post by Facilities Manager

This is a guest post by my dear husband Facilities Manager David:

The second-best benefit of living at Chickadee Gardens is the wonderful, colorful flowers that come and go throughout the seasons. The best thing is, of course, sharing the gardens with Tamara. But that is a post of another day. For now, let's take a look at some of my favorite flowers from recent months.
All of these photos were taken on my Blackberry KEY1 LE mobile phone. Yes, it features a tiny, physical keyboard. I am QWERTY that way. I am old-school. So be it.
Papaver rhoeas
I have to hand it to these poppies. Normally, poppies are much too fragile to be around very long, but this bunch weathered some 3.5 inches of rain in June. And they continue to thrive. They just seem so happy in the sunshine. 

Tulipa praestans 'Shogun'
These tulips came in early this Spring. Just when we needed some bright highlights in the gardens, up they popped. They are shorties, but oh so pretty.

Tulipa Darwin hybrid mix
I am no…

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