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Let's Go! Portsmouth and London

I literally have no good spring garden photos yet because, well, it's still winter around here. As I eagerly await the inevitable explosion of green in my own garden, I look to some plant moments from our trip to England this past autumn to quench my thirst. Neither Portsmouth nor London (save for Kew) were particularly plant-related destinations for me, but as I travel I try to keep my eyes peeled when I come across something interesting. While this is not a serious botanical post, it is a fun jaunt through Portsmouth, on the southern coast of England, and London.
We had a quick overnight in Portsmouth. After we settled into our B&B we took a walk to the water, looking for lunch. As it was getting late in the day we didn't linger, but I did manage to catch a few shots of this unexpected garden, the Southsea Rock Garden right on the waterfront.

I could find little information about this garden other than it was created after WWI as a way to provide work for citizens and t…

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