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Garden Blogger's Fling, Austin: Lucinda Hutson

Ah, mid-December and the gray, cold skies are back. I long for warmer climes right now, so nothing fits the bill better than visiting a remarkable and colorful garden in Austin, Texas. From the Garden Blogger's Fling in early May, I give you the garden of Lucinda Hutson, a touch of Mexican warmth on a cold day, complete with a tequila cantina, lots of colorful art and a mermaid grotto. Oh boy!
Lucinda has called this purple paradise her home for 41 years. Having traveled extensively throughout Mexico, she loves the country, its food, people, culture and art - and she has thoughtfully brought that all into her gem of a home and garden in Austin. As many Mexicans live a good part of the day outdoors in its favorable weather, it's only natural that her fiesta lifestyle would translate into garden spaces to enjoy nature and the food she grows. 
She started out growing organic herbs as she wrote magazine articles and books about cooking and entertaining, but soon expanded to growi…

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