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Revisiting a Special Garden

How lucky I am to call so many fantastic gardeners good friends. Although this is a busy time of the year, an invitation to spend time in my friends Maurice and George's garden will always be answered. With a couple of friends ( Danger Garden and my new boss at Cistus Nursery Bridget), we met at my former boss' private 10-acre garden on a cold March morning. Although the weather has been unseasonably frigid and emerging perennials and deciduous woody plants are late in their emergence, this is a four-season garden, a treasure any time of the year. We were treated to many bones of the garden: the mature, gnarled trees, clipped hedges, mossy stones and evergreen ferns. This garden is especially blessed with borrowed views into the neighboring wild areas, extending the sensation of space. For me, it is a feeling of calm and joy.  Let me take you on a visual postcard journey of this special garden that I have blogged about before, you can read more about it here . This post, with

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