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A Bright Spot

The new normal is stressful. Gardening keeps me sane right now. I imagine if you are reading this there is a good chance you have a garden and, hopefully, it is keeping you sane also. Can we be stressed out and still enjoy the garden? I hope so, for this is an exciting time of year in the garden when leaves form and the early spring light catches them just right, creating an illuminating effect. Also, spring flowers are emerging and bulbs planted last fall are showing their faces for the first time. The veggie garden is starting and there is hope in the air as far as nature is concerned. So, if I can offer up a little joy by showing photos of these magic moments, I will gladly continue blogging about the garden and sharing bright spots in the world. Here we go:

This opening photo shows the berm garden early spring. Most of the perennials here have not surfaced; what you see are what is evergreen - that is, present year-round. The ornamental cherry trees we inherited are blooming whic…

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