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A Few Native Plants at Chickadee Gardens

 The inspiration for much of my gardening drive is attracting birds. I want to provide a haven for wildlife and be just a little closer to nature. I learned long ago that planting native plants is a big step towards achieving that goal. In a nutshell, if you plant native plants you will attract appropriate native insects. These insects are crucial for birds to feed their young, so you can get the idea and see the cycle. Besides, I love native plants. I love wildlife. I also love a lot of other plants, so fair warning, I am not a native plant purist. I think there is benefit to many plants I grow, not just visual appeal. Many provide food in other forms such as berries, others provide shelter and many provide pollen and nectar, especially for our honeybees. For me, balance seems appropriate.  So let me qualify native plants. I mean - that's a can of worms, right? Every plant is native somewhere, I just had to decide my boundaries. For me, the West Coast of the U.S. is fair game, but

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