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Plant Ideas for Low Water Gardening

The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon is a wonderful organization for Northwest gardeners. There are many programs, plant sales and, of course, open garden directories for its members, a treat indeed to visit a vast array of drool-worthy local gardens. This past Saturday was HPSO's annual fall plant sale and program with guest speaker Fred Weisensee of Dancing Oaks Nursery. His topic was "Preparing Gardens for Climate Change: Building Resilience from the Ground Up". 
From the HPSO website: Our gardens are already experiencing some stressors from climate change with warmer seasons coupled with more frequent drought. The likelihood is this will only increase so it behooves us to improve our garden's resilience with appropriate plant selection and cultivation. We will explore plants from around the world with low water requirements and heat tolerance that can continue to bring beauty and interest in spite of warmer seasons. We will look at borrowing concepts from regenerati…

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