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Oh, February

Oh, February, you tease me with fake spring. Then you throw miserable cold, wet weather, even snow showers, my way. Fine. Time to camp out in the greenhouse, my happy place I call my halfway house. Halfway between being inside on a winter's day and outside on a dreamy, warm spring day. At least I can sow seeds and pot up rooted hebe cuttings here, so there's a win for me. Truth be told, late February into March is really just about my least favorite time of the year in the garden because it's so fickle. It should be headed towards spring but it never is and I should know this by now. But hope springs eternal, and every year I succumb to the temptation of fake spring thinking "This is the year that winter finishes early." Human nature is pretty funny that way.  But there's stuff to do! I look at all perennials and grasses that need cutting back, a winter's worth of conifer and oak debris to be cleared from the gravel paths (well, not a whole winter's wo

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