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Unexpected Color

Are you all tired of "fall color" yet? I'm weary of the term, I see it so often and admittedly use it too much. I do love the colors, however, and thought that the show was finished for the year, but after a quick walk through the garden today I see that is not the case. Color lingers on - sometimes, as you will see, in unexpected places. Here are the hold out sources for changing color this time of year at Chickadee Gardens.
 Cotoneaster horizontalis 'Variegatus' - variegated rockspray cotoneaster is one of its common names. A nice variegated low shrub most of the year, it quickly turns to shades of pink and red combined with white.

Sedum palmeri, as well as many sedums, often display shades of red, especially when stressed by low water or cold temperatures.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides or dawn redwood, a deciduous conifer, turns from green to rich shades of gold and brown before dropping its needles for the year. There is only the one species in the genus Metaseq…

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