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Let's Go! UCSC Arboretum and Botanic Gardens Part II

Let's continue our visit of the Botanic Gardens and Arboretum at University of California Santa Cruz. We glimpsed last month the Australian Gardens so this week we'll explore the general grounds, Norrie's Gift Shop and finally the California Natives Garden.

As you make your way to the gift shop and nursery, the Aroma Garden perched on a small hill is a welcome respite of color from a weary Oregon gardener. At nearly 150 acres, there is plenty to explore.

The map of the arboretum at the entrance, showcasing the Australian Gardens in yellow-green, South American in light pink, California Natives in orange and New Zealand in purple. The hot pink section is the Sensory Garden. 

 OK, how's this for a dreamy shopping experience? I am planning some kind of road trip this spring to buy a few beauties here at Norrie's Gift Shop and at Annie's Annuals, also in the Bay Area. Maybe add a few more stops along the way. Serious California dreamin' here.
= Norrie's off…

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