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A New Year, A Few Flowers

Yes, there are flowers in January. On a sunny day this week I took camera in hand to enjoy the winter garden and seek out flowers. While Garden Blogger's Bloom Day is traditionally on the 15th of every month, my blogging calendar rarely aligns with that date so I decided to innovate. January in the garden is typically a few days of clean up here and there on rare dry days while most of my time indoors is used for planning and home projects while the rain and snow fall outside. This month has been so mild that I feel obliged to be outside working; very little inside time for me. Full steam ahead, I want to prune back shrubs and perform clean-up tasks, but alas, too early. Darn. Well, I've done a lot of walking around in circles taking it all in daydreaming of spring. I'm good at that. So, hey, here's a look at what's blooming at Chickadee Gardens in January. First up is  Clematis cirrhosa 'Wisley Cream', a clematis that every time I see it blooming in winter

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