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Hardy Fuchsias at Chickadee Gardens

Never in my years of gardening have I had an interest in fuchsias. If you say to me: "Fuchsias are awesome!" I'd flashback to the annual baskets my grandmother faithfully hung at her kitchen window. I remember the tedious but strangely satisfying job of pinching off the purple pods once the flower finished. That's it. End of experience and interest.
Then I started working at Joy Creek Nursery where we grow some 100 different cultivars. While not a fuchsia enthusiast per se I am a plant-saver, so when at the end of the growing season little 4" pots of fuchsias are ditched because they probably won't survive the winter, I hoard. I want to save ALL the plants. Which leads me to the many fuchsias now growing at Chickadee Gardens. Most are not mature shrubs so you will see only detail photos, but when they do fill in, me thinks I'll have more to share.
For now, on this rainy day post, let us sample that which I claim to have little interest, the humble fuchsia.

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