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Let's Go! UCSC Arboretum and Botanic Garden Part I

The University of California Santa Cruz is special. Well, all of Santa Cruz is special - the climate, the sea, the people. Having lived there years ago I can honestly say Santa Cruz is one of the more special places on the map. But can you believe I've never been to the arboretum and botanic gardens up on the hill? For shame. I corrected that last weekend while celebrating my dearest friend's big 60th. The party-goers were game to take a field trip so off we went. I could have spent all day here, but the few hours there were bliss itself. 
The gardens consist of a California native garden, a New Zealand garden, a South African garden and this, the Australian garden we shall look at now. The other gardens I will cover in future posts.
Having visited Australia before (and written posts about it in my newbie-blogging days [which you can revisit herehere, and here]), I was unprepared for the sheer variety and size of the specimens at UCSC. While I cannot i.d. everything I saw, I…

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