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Mid-Winter at Chickadee Gardens

Landing right in the heart of winter, February is often the most brutal of months when it comes to crummy weather. Case in point: We've had flooding in Columbia County along with countless dreary, dull gray days and a lot of very cold rain. Even still, I count ourselves fortunate this year (so far) with mild temperatures and just a little snow. Getting out there and enjoying the garden can be challenging right now, but I carry on with the goal of a year-round garden so crazy as I am, I strap on those galoshes, three layers of sweaters and two pant-layers and slog on in the mud. With that in mind, let's to see what we've been up to this month. Let's also take stock to see what my efforts have amounted to and then take a tour of Chickadee Gardens, three years in the making. 
Here is the top of the driveway and start of the gravel garden, photo taken on Sunday, February 17. What pleases me about this is that even now evergreen shrubs and small trees have filled in consi…

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