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May at Chickadee Gardens

Pandemic, stress, feeling overwhelmed....the relief for so many of us seems to be gardening. The nursery where I work is still busier than ever with record sales days many times this month. We're a small nursery, so it's tough, but we're trying our best! The good bit about all of the chaos is that hopefully new gardeners are emerging, finding a love of growing green things like many of us already do. Even with all this busyness there are so many possibilities for blog posts running through my head, and as we've had more than average rain lately, the garden is especially alive and vibrant. Suffice it to say we've been busy here, too (spring garden chores), but I think a simple post highlighting some of the plants and views at Chickadee Gardens for the month of May is in order before yucky chores and whatnot. So. Here's a tour at a time when the flowers begin to take center stage and fresh spring green is still a dominant color:

At the outer edge of the Labyrint…

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