Chickadee Gardens in Bloom

 I love Bloom Day. For garden bloggers, it is the 15th of every month (and generously hosted by May Dreams Gardens). Since I post every Thursday I may or may not hit Bloom Day just right, so I haven't posted anything until now. I've decided since the garden is waking up, it's time to document the rainbow of flowers at Chickadee Gardens.  

Geum 'Totally Tangerine' was a champ this past winter. Not only did it stay evergreen but the blooms this second year are epic. Epic!

Erysimum capitatum or western wallflower. Native to many western states, including Oregon.

Calibrachoa hybrid, just a zingy annual for trailing out of pots. Nice bolt of color.

Geum 'Marmlade' from Xera Plants. Such a pretty shade of orange. 
Can you tell I have an orange section in the garden? 

Viola glabella or streambank violet. A native and so sweet, it spreads very slowly by seed.

One of the bazillion sedum I have around, most have yellow blooms. 

Antirrhinum sempervirens or perennial snapdragon purchased at Xera plants.
I especially appreciate the silver foliage on this one.

Look at the bear grass! It's blooming! I can't believe it. I have three of these right now, this is the only one that is blooming and also the only one I have not moved since planting it. Oh, this is my favorite right now for sure. Xerophyllum tenax, native to the mountainous areas here.

Choisya ternata 'Sundance', actually purchased at the Pioneer Square plant sale about 4 years ago.

Saxafraga bloom. Who knew how sweet they are in such a macro view?

Saxafraga x geum 'Denata' from Xera Plants. Is that a green lacewing resting on the stem?
If so, I am jazzed!

Blooms on a Vaccinium ovatum, evergreen huckleberry.

One of my purdy tulips purchased at Keukenhof.

The potted dogwood.

Lewisia cotyledon just blooming.

Pink pussy toes or Antennaria rubra. Forms a mat of soft green steppable foliage.

Geranium cinerum 'subcaulescens' from Xera Plants. What magenta! 

Armeria maritima, sea thrift. This is a work horse at Chickadee Gardens and is evergreen, native and so sweet. Great for an edging plant.

Blooms of a Geranium macrorhizum. Prolific and a spreader, nice scented leaves.
Any one know what the critter in the flower on the left is?

Lilac or Syringa vulgaris. This is in the hell strip and is doing very well this year.

Although at the end of the bloom period, this dark tulip is next to the above lilac and is a particularly nice combination and still looks good.

This one is not technically a bloom but it must be celebrated as it is the Loropetalum chinense or Razzleberry shrub I thought was dead after several plant catastrophes. I blogged about it here last December. It is supposed to be evergreen, but it lost every last leaf this past freezing winter and growth. I am thrilled.

Ceanothus 'Dark Star' took a beating this winter, lost a bunch of leaves and they look kind of yellowish. BUT it's coming back and blooming, thankfully.

Primula vulgaris 'Francesca'. What wonderful, strange flowers. A Xera Plants purchase.

 Thus ends the flower rainbow. I believe spring is really here after seeing so much color at Chickadee Gardens. What's blooming in your garden? Here in Portland, we're experiencing unusually warm weather, so I have a feeling next week we'll have even more to sing about.

 Until next week, thank you for visiting and, hey, happy gardening!


  1. Beautiful series of colours in your plants. The beargrass is stunning, I wonder if that should grow in our garden. The Francesca Primula is so special and the dogwood......
    Happy gardening in this wonderful spring!

    1. Hi Janneke, it's been a pretty wet but good spring here. I adore the beargrass, I don't know how well it would do in the Netherlands, it's more mountainous so might like some elevation. If it produces any seeds I can certainly send you some! The Primula is also one of my favorites, so weird and lovely. Happy gardening to you too!

  2. This is the second blog today where I've seen a photo of Pussy Toes. I had never heard of this plant until earlier this spring. It promptly went on my wish list. Then I found it at Dancing Oaks. Then I found it at another local nursery so I bought a second one. (Plant addict confession there.) Such a gem of a plant. I'm growing mine in a hypertufa trough which hopefully will keep it from rotting in my clay soil. Great post. Love all your photos! Can you believe this crazy weather? Sheesh!

    1. Oh yes the pink pussy toes are pretty cool. I got a couple at Portland Nursery half price a couple of years ago, they've done fine. They tend to handle some rough conditions, too. Gad you founds some as they are very cool. I shear the blooms off once finished an it's a nice silvery groundcover. Weather...I know, it feels quite odd but I love it! As far as a plant addict, we are all, Grace. We are all and we stand together.

  3. I loved this rainbow cavalcade of flowers. Beargrass flowers are cool, I wonder if my two will bloom soon? I planted them four years ago, and they are still alive and have never been moved. I'm also wondering if maybe my Loropetalum that I thought was dead is till alive too. It had mostly crispy leaves, but still has a few hanging on. I guess I'll wait and see.

    1. Rainbow cavalcade! Yup, that's the garden right now. How did my simplified color scheme turn into a rainbow, I want to know?? ANYHOW, the beargrass I think is picky and I got lucky. Full(ish) sun facing east, good drainage. I'm so surprised it bloomed, I thought that happened after about 10 years. The Loropetalum, tell me about it, I was shocked it sprouted new leaves. I absolutely thought it was a goner and was ready to yank it until I checked the cambium and saw green, so luckily I left it. Yes, wait! Let us hope it's alive under there.

  4. A great bunch of flowers! My ceanothus is still blooming just ass wonderfully as it was the week before Bloomday, how is that even possible?

    1. Thanks Danger! Maybe pants are as confused right now about the weather, as am I. But looooving it!!

  5. fab blooms that I will not see now for a month as we are behind here with our cold weather

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