Signs of Life

We here in humble Portlandia are in the middle of yet another Arctic Event. While the rest of the country suffers with the Arctic-Apocolypse, I am being a big baby with our mini-apocolypse and mere 15 degree temps and no real snow to speak of (amendment: the snow arrived with a vengeance Thursday and hasn't stopped...was I ever wrong!). For gardeners in the even colder regions of the world, my heart goes out to you. For gardeners here, let's all cry together.

But before I lament future losses in the garden, I thought I'd cheer myself and maybe others too with some definite signs that the universe is not out to get me, rather that Spring really is on its way. 

Here we go! 

 We have bloomage! Viburnum tinus 'Robustum'. Yay! Evergreen and one of the first plants to bloom in my garden. In a pot on the front porch, we enjoy the year-round green color out the window.

 My Oxalis oregana which completely died has sprouted these funny little sedum-ish growths. I guess it really will come back.

 The Daphne, although with a bit of leaf burn from the last "Arctic Event", is getting ready to bloom. Happy dance! Here comes that fab scent.

A sweet little bloom from my Arctostaphylos x 'Sonoma' in the front parking strip. It has a few black leaves on the bottom (it gets full eastern exposure/biting winds and is pretty young) but looks healthy otherwise.

A bit of new growth emerges on an Aruncus dioicus or goatsbeard. Cool!

Those wacky daffys are so reliable.

Disclaimer: This Hamamelis is not in my garden **sigh**. I wish it were, but that will be remedied soon, as one is on its way from Gossler Farms. This one is a neighbor's. My husband says a Hamamelis sounds like some kind of bacon dinosaur.

As well as signs of life, there are signs of torture. This used to be my "Silvery Buns of Goodness" a.k.a. Cotula hispida. Heather - what do you think? Toast, right? My buns are toast. 

 The tulips emerge.

Well, that's about it. There are a few other things sprouting, but frankly it's too cold to go outside and photograph I'll just list them. Sedum 'Matrona' is coming up nicely. Actually, that's about it. 

Short but sweet this week. 

With any luck next week I shall post about my adventures at Seattle's 'Northwest Flower and Garden Show' which we are planning on seeing this Saturday. That is, of course, if the great blizzard/freezing rain they are predicting doesn't come through. If it does, fair warning: I'll have to post photos of the cats. Both of them. And neighbor cats. Lots and lots of photos. Cats. You have been warned.

Stay warm.


  1. Cats are fine. I like pictures of cats.

    1. Looks like you will get your wish Alison. Get ready. Catapalooza on the way.

  2. Oh no, those buns look pretty toasted! That's so sad. Good thing the rest of garden is so gorgeous. I'm so excited to finally see it in person at the Fling!

    1. **sniff** the buns are burnt. Oh well. Hopefully Xera will have more for me!

  3. "Jimmy's Escape from Tamaraland" was cute !!

    1. Hi Sharma! Thank you for watching it and checking out the blog! We're so thrilled little Jimmy made it....say a little prayer for him ! :)


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