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GROWISER: Northeastern Oregon's Wildflower Paradise

Last weekend, my colleagues and I took a very special field trip to Northeastern Oregon to visit GROWISER, a native plant conservation area in the Grande Ronde Overlook in the Blue Mountains. One of the owners of Joy Creek Nursery grew up nearby and was most happy to have discovered this amazing place and then to share with us. Stay with me now for a short but sweet snapshot of this very precious piece of paradise.
GROWISER stands for the Grande Ronde Overlook Wildflower Institute Serving Ecological Restoration. The area is 260 acres that has been lovingly restored to a pre-agricultural state of wildflowers atop volcanic bluffs along with woodland and scrub land in between. Here, mule's ears or Wyethia amplexicaulis is still blooming along the edge of what the owner Andy Huber told us is the edge of an extinct volcanic crater. Volcanic ash lies just underneath, you can see where it stops and the flowers and deeper soil begin.

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