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Spring Emerges

We made it, spring has arrived and everything feels right on time. This winter's weather felt more like the norm for Oregon, so we're off to a good start. Since the nursery where I work has opened for the season I've been very busy there and have not spent as much time in my own garden, but Facilities Manager sure has been busy, and I've managed to get in a few weekends worth of work, too. Also, besides the chores we've been pecking away at, I thought we could look at a few interesting plants this week. So here we go!

At day's end on the first day of spring 2018. Not bad at all. The yuccas in this shot got a thorough cleaning up after a good, wet winter.

 CHORES! When we first decided on the location of the vegetable garden, I mentioned that it was on a slope. Over time, I thought, it would be more difficult to work (as we get older), it would be nice to work on flat ground. I suggested that as FM cultivates the land he should try to level it out. Well, he ag…

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