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Garden Blogger's Fling, Austin: Donna Fowler

It's time for me to return to blogging. It's good to focus on things I love such as gardening and the gardening community. With that, I give you another Austin, Texas, garden from this year's Garden Blogger's Fling. Donna Fowler and her husband Mike reside in Hutto, Texas, home of the Hutto Hippos. Really. More on those in a moment.
Donna and Mike reside in Mike's family home, built in 1886. When they originally moved to Hutto in 1978, there were only 500 residents, and I'm happy to report it still feels like a small, charming town with a population of roughly 25,000. 
They have since restored the home and added on to it and created welcoming, fun garden rooms to entertain and enjoy year-round. 

On to the hippos! As it turns out, Mike was once the mayor of little Hutto. He embraced its hippo-ness and proudly displays many throughout their garden.

There are other hippos around town, this is just their collection.

Mike is also responsible for the many glass scul…

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