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April Flowers

The rather rainy month of April has yielded quite a few blooms, but no big chores so far in this rain. Those will have to wait for our pending dry-ish weather. In the meantime, the plant purchases keep showing up in my car, wave by wave, awaiting their permanent homes in the garden. Before the digging begins, let us look around the gardens and see what is interesting this month.
Berberis darwinii, Darwin's barberry, has come up a few times recently in my world. This is one discovered by Charles Darwin in 1835 in South America. I have two that have finally put on a little growth. Evergreen with amazing orange flowers, these are tough plants. Naturalized and invasive in New Zealand, they are little trouble in the Northwest, but I did read that they could be problematic in California. I'll keep my eye on their status and if they become a problem here, I'll certainly take them out. For now, they are fine and I am enjoying them.

Primula polyanthus 'Gold Laced' was a gift…

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